Factory Authorized McIntosh Service-The only Authorized McIntosh servicer in San Diego County-(and for good reason!)
"The best technician on the planet!" (Jim Bongiorno,Chief Engineer, Dynaco,SAE,Sumo,G.A.S).

Since about 1975, I've been repairing and restoring vintage hifi and stereo gear-both tube and solid state-,commercial and musical instrument amplifiers, juke amps, and even antique radios. Another specialty is high end,three motor reel-to-reel machines, (such as Ampex, Revox,Crown, Berlant/Concertone,etc.). Thousands of original service manuals and Sams Photofacts in stock.
I've done thousands of units for thousands of customers. I can work on ANY brand of gear, even gear made by companies that are long out of business. I'm NOT a dealer,I dont sell anything nor am I looking to buy your equipment. I just want to repair it quickly and at a price we can both live with.
I work on every unit personally-no helpers,no students, just me. And I stand behind what I do with a better than 99% success rate over the last 15+ years. The odds are VERY good I can do it when no one else can-or wants to-fix your unit. If you've been told "It can't be fixed,the parts are no longer available, I can't get a schematic, they're out of business,etc", call me.
EXCEPTIONS: NO casstte decks, no record changers (good quality manual and semi-auto 'tables are fine), no DVD or CD players (other than McIntosh, of course).
Just SOME of the brands I've worked on:Fisher,Scott, Heathhit,SWTPC(Southwest Technical Products Corp)GAS (Great American Sound), Marantz,Accuphase,Sumo, SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics),Harman-Kardon,Sherwood,Kenwood,Mitsubishi,JBL (James B.Lansing),Hafler,Revox,Crown,Sansui, Pioneer,Phase Linear,Leak,Quad,Teac/Tascam,Acoustech, C/M Labs,Bogen, and dozens more. 
Another specialty is jukebox amplifiers. Seeburg,Wurlitzer,Rock-ola, AMI,etc. Call me,I've worked on them all, and I'm NOT afraid of the latest solid state units.
I do ALL  high end tuners-Marantz 10B and 20, 18 and 19, Sequerra FM1, Scott 4310 and 4312,Fisher FM1000,etc. A specially modified Sound Tech multiplex generator capable of over 45+dB of separation is on the bench with a Sound Tech distortion analyzer.

I dont sell parts or manuals or give tech advice. Got enough to do around here just fixing stuff.

8795 Corvus place
San Diego, Ca 92126-1920

Phone: 858-271-8294,email:mjzuccaro@aol.com

Hours: 7days a week, Monday-Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday by appointment. Much better to call me than to email.

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